Show and group bookings welcome!

Areas posted are start and end points. Eastwind does pick ups and drop offs at most points in between.

April 11 - 12
​Kamloops - Fraser Valley
​Fraser Valley - Kamloops and surrounding area

April 21

North Okanagan - Kamloops - Langley

April 22 - 23
​Vancouver - Prince George - Terrace

​April 29 - 30
​Terrace - Prince George - Kamloops - Vancouver

​May 1
​Vancouver - Kamloops and area

​May 8 - 12

Vancouver - Calgary - Edmonton
​Edmonton - Calgary - Vancouver - Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island - Kamloops and area

May 18
Vancouver - Prince George 

May 19
​Prince George - Kamloops (limited space)

May 23 - 26
​Vancouver - Prince George - Dawson Cr - Grande Prairie
​Grande Prairie - Dawson Cr - FSJ - Prince George - Kamloops (Vancouver if required)

In accordance to the recommendation of the insurance company, NO passengers permitted. No personal cheques accepted. 


This shared route schedule could change slightly, according to other bookings, routes and weather conditions. Use this schedule as an approximate. All dates are firmed up before shipping. If you do not see a trip listed, please inquire about your needs as a trip can be built to accommodate time frames. Local moves are usually not posted, so be sure to inquire if you require a local move or charter.