Each horse must have transportation documents. This gives me permission to have care, custody and control of the horse while in transit.

It is very important that these forms are filled out to the best of your ability. Not only do these forms prove I can have your horse in my possession, but they also provide information about your horse that can make my job easier and I know what to expect.

Download the transportation forms and email to in order to reserve your space on the trailer.

The information form is very important to download, read and share with the other parties involved.

If there is an issue downloading the forms, please contact me and I can email them.

What happens if you cannot print and scan the forms back? A trick that seems to work.......

If you can at least print the forms off, take a clear photo of each form. Some people text me the photos OR send it via email or Facebook. It is not ideal as the photos can print blurry, but in a pinch it is acceptable.