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Care of the Horse

Hay and water is provided throughout the trip. If the horse will be in my care for more then 1 day, it is advisable to send 1 small square bale of the hay the horse is used to eating. As the trailer gets quite warm, even in cool temperature, please do not send your horse in a heavy winter blanket. I do not provide mortality insurance on your horse. Please ensure a policy has been put into place if this is a concern. People are often under the impression that horse haulers carry mortality insurance and you, as the owner, are therefore covered. If a hauler carries a care, custody and control policy (which I do), it simply means if I'm found negligent or at fault the policy will cover up to a certain amount per horse. If it is no fault of mine, then the policy does not come into effect. I hope this clarifies. If I feel a horse needs medical attention during transport, I will contact the nearest large animal clinic for help and the owner of the horse. 


"Will you transport a jersey cow?" The answer is NO. The odd puppy if crated. Bunnies are cute and can ride in the dressing room. I do love cats, and no problem to take a saddle. But in general I am a horse transporter and would be happy to refer you to a livestock hauler.

If I feel your horse is not healthy enough for travel or is obviously not well, the horse will not be permitted to get on the truck and there could be a small fee to cover expenses. All owners need to do their diligence and ensure vaccines are up to date.

A Few Things...

Meet your driver and owner of Eastwind - Tanya Balmes. Being an EC certified English coach, horse owner and operating Eastwind Stables for 12 years, I understand the importance of providing a quality service and ensuring the best possible hauling experience. Being in the horse industry for over 25 years, I appreciate each owners individual needs and expectations.  

Shared or Charter?

Shared trips, charters, emergencies, quarantine horses and group bookings are available. The most inexpensive way to transport your horse is a shared haul. I do prefer my routes to be as direct as possible without adding alot of extra miles to the other horses. A shared haul does require stops along the way and does take longer. A charter is a direct haul without stopping for other horses. This is suitable for local hauls, emergencies,  quarantine horses and for clients that need their horse in a timely fashion. Charters are sometimes necessary for clients that live in remote or rural areas not along a major route. This is the more expensive way to go, but can be most practical depending on the circumstance. 

Loading and Unloading

There should be someone present at the pick up and drop location unless we have made other arrangements. The horse must be halter broke and contained in a small area and be ready for loading. Many owners are afraid to disclose their horse does not load well. I would rather know ahead of time, so I can allow for extra loading time. 

Property Access

The truck and trailer is approximately 53 feet, total length. Please disclose any difficult driveways, access roads and special instructions such as gate codes, nasty dogs or difficult turn around. For winter conditions, driveways should be plowed with turn around or backing up access. There is a limit on the amount of gravel roads I will travel due to the wear and tear on the equipment and other horses in the trailer. We may need to make an alternative such as loading / unloading on the street, a neighboring property or the client may need to meet in town with a smaller trailer. Roads and driveways are at my discretion. Please remember driving a car is much different then maneuvering a large trailer. 

Extra Information

If an overnight layover is needed on longer trips, I will arrange the overnight. Overnight layovers generally incur an additional cost. There is limited space to take a small amount of tack if packaged up in totes, bags or tack boxes. There may be additional charges for longer then usual wait times for appointments, shows, preparing a horse for shipping or extremely difficult loaders. All quotes are based on the locations I'm given. This is subject to change if the locations are not within reason to the original location disclosure.  

Clients please keep in mind, it takes longer for a trailer on a shared trip to arrive at destinations, then it would if travelling by car.  Each owner / agent must have a Transport Agreement filled out and sent back to me prior to the trip. Failure to do so, could result in loosing your space. I urge all clients to read and fill out the agreement properly. A deposit may be required at time of booking. 

Personal cheques are not accepted unless you are a regular client with a good payment record. Payment is required in full before the horse is unloaded. If sending an Interac Etransfer, it must be sent prior to delivery. All price quotes are subject to GST (5%). 

What happens if the client cancels last minute or the horse does not load? I handle each one of these events at my discretion. I am a fair and reasonable person however my time and expenses must be covered. For example, if your space has been reserved and the horse does not load...I will likely charge a small amount to cover the fuel and a portion of time. If you cancel your space with plenty of notice, I will simply try to fill the space. However, you may be subject to prepay in the event of re-booking. Each situation is very different. The trips are built around bookings and inquiries. Trips may have to be postphoned if too many people do not commit or cancel. Please do not book space until you are certain you are moving the horse.