​​Eastwind Horse Transport is proudly serving the beautiful provinces of British Columbia and Alberta with prompt, professional horse hauling services. Based in Kamloops, BC, Canada this central location makes it easy to accommodate many different destination points for shared or chartered trips. Eastwind has proven to be a reputable choice among horse owners since 2008. Eastwind takes pride in a safe and sound journey for each, and timely communication.

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​National Safety Code #046-890-070

​​Did you know:

​Anyone trailering horses for a profit, is considered commercial. Therefore, subject to operating properly and following the structure set out. Some of the requirements are attending the weigh scales, keeping a pre-trip inspection book and / or a log book, annual inspections on the tow vehicle, maintaining commercial insurance with ICBC, carrying a cargo insurance policy and having a heavy trailer endorsement on a current BC drivers license. All of these regulations are in place for a reason and I urge people to consider why they are hiring that horse hauling company and hopefully, because it is not just the least expensive ride.

This 4 Star center and rear load trailer, can be configured from single standing stalls, to small or large boxes. The ceiling height is 7'8" tall and can accommodate all horses. 4 Star is known for quality construction, a smooth and balanced ride. The large bus windows, make it bright and airy. For added safety, the dividers are floor length. Weanlings and yearlings should always be transported in a box stall (additional charge). Clients have commented on how relaxed their horses come off the truck. For horses that do not travel well in straight stalls, the box stall is always an option.


During long distance trips and depending on how the schedule is layed out, an overnight layover is at times, necessary. If a horse is waiting for a connection with another transporter, longer term layovers can be arranged most major city centers.